What is Equestrian Fashion?

What Is Equestrian Fashion?

What is equestrian fashion? Is it fashion inspired by equestrians or equestrian style you can enjoy in the saddle and beyond the yard? At Eqcouture, we believe it's the latter; riding clothes you can wear for the equestrian life you love. In this blog, we discuss equestrian fashion and what makes equestrian clothing stylish enough to be worn away from the stables.

Are Riding Leggings In Fashion?

Our collection of riding leggings looks so stylish you can wear them away from the yard with confidence. Our riding leggings are designed for riders like our Designer Sophie, who fits riding and yard duties between her busy work and family life. Sophie's design philosophy is to create riding clothes you'll enjoy wearing, even if you're not heading to the stables immediately! Our customers love our riding leggings because they are comfortable and designed to complement your curves. As far as we are concerned, our riding leggings will always be in fashion and Instagram worthy!

Are Equestrian Base Layers Stylish?

Base layers are a popular choice for stylish equestrians these days. Our matching base layers and riding leggings are your perfect go-to garments for riding all year round. Traditionally winter equestrian base layers were basic and designed to be worn underneath your riding clothing. These days, modern equestrian base layers look so good they deserve to be seen! Our Thermal Base Layers are stylish and the best in equestrian fashion. They are keeping you cosy and cute, whatever winter brings! 

From The Yard To City Living

We know that riders enjoy wearing their equestrian style for city living. Our outerwear is a firm favourite with riders who want comfort and performance in the saddle but equally wear it for a trip into the city or weekend away from the horses. Our equestrian outerwear will keep you warm in the cold winter months. Our outerwear will keep you toasty whether you're riding, working on the yard, teaching, walking the dogs or heading into the city.

Equestrian Details

On every Eqcouture garment, you'll notice our equestrian details. Our stylish logo is engraved on our jacket poppers, embroidered on our base layers or our riding legging's silicone seat pattern. Our riding leggings feature elasticated cuffs for comfort and easy dressing. Our horse wear collection is the perfect fit for riders who love 'matchy matchy'. Eqcouture saddlecloths don't just look good; their extra generous spine panel width and 'cool mesh' airflow lining ensure your horse feels and looks fantastic too. 

We know that small details matter to horse riders, which is why you'll find them all in the Eqcouture collection!


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