Competition Whites: How To Care, Wear & Wow In Them

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Competition Whites: How To Care, Wear & Wow In Them

In our latest blog, we chat competition whites and share a few tips on how to care, wear, and wow in them! And even how to remove your horse's green slobber from them.

It Will Be All White

Have you ever wondered whose brilliant idea it was to wear white breeches or jodphurs for the competition arena? Word has it that this practice dates back to the aristocracy, who wore white riding legwear as a status symbol. These days, competition whites still dominate the competition arena (apart from beige leggings for the showing arena and stone leggings for show-jumping). With advances in fabric technology, they now wash and wear beautifully.

Which Competition Whites Are Respectable?

Scared of white riding tights that reveal all? Yes, us too, so we created our non see through competition full seat riding leggings. Our competition white tights are styled in a quality 330gsm fabric to ensure that you won't be exposing your derriere every time you bend over to adjust your horses' boots. These amazing riding leggings are body forming and are styled in a higher gsm fabric (not warmer, just thicker) than our other original styles, so not revealing, just radically different from other white riding tights on the market!! 

Stretch & Flex 

Our competition riding leggings are not styled in thin material. Our riding tights are made from a dense, high quality, fast-drying fabric with support and stretch with a stretchy lycra cuff to help ease your feet in and out! Our competition base layer is also designed to keep your looking and feeling fabulous. Featuring our fantastic stretch technology, our base layer is fast drying and wicks away body moisture, keeping you cool and stylish! We also offer our show shirt in white and stone for savvy showjumpers who want 'matchy matchy' with style!

Do They Fade To Grey?

No! Even with the easiest to care for competition whites, you need to follow the washing instructions. We recommend washing them at a low temperature, without fabric conditioner. Wash with other white and light coloured garments, and do not tumble dry! After all, these white competition leggings dry so quickly that there is no need to tumble dry! Our White Leggings are well known for washing up new – if you do it right!

Washing your white competition clothing with colours can lead to colour seeping into your whites, so don't mix bright or dark colours with white. Using the incorrect amount of detergent or a build-up of limescale and soap can give your whites a grey overtone. It's also worth running a short cycle with your machine empty and use a washing machine cleaning agent from time to time to continue to keep your whites blingy and bright!

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