5 Professional Riders Competition Tips You Need

5 Professional Riders Competition Tips You Need 

Have you ever wondered how professional riders keep their cool at the top? Having elite grooms and an excellent support team is, of course, essential at the international competition levels, but there is a lot that you can learn from how the top professionals keep in winning form. This blog looks at five professional riders' competition tips you need this summer!

Be Prepared For A Different Horse at A Show

Most horses ride differently from how they are at home. You need to be prepared to adapt your riding to suit the horse underneath you. Olympic dressage rider and trainer Carl Hester regularly recommends that you have a warm-up programme you can work with to help settle your horse and your nerves. Make every day enjoyable in the saddle with our range of equestrian base layers and riding tights.


Lay The Foundations For The Level You Want To Ride

You must ensure your horse is confident at home with questions before putting them in a competitive environment. The 2023 Badminton Horse Trials winner, Ros Canter, recommends that your horse understands the job you are asking them to do and you have laid the foundations so your horse is trusting and confident in your partnership. 


Professional Riders Plan & Prepare

If you want to excel in showjumping, take a leaf out of Olympic Gold Medallist Ben Maher's book and study the course plan before setting foot in the arena to course walk. Getting to the competition venue early and waiting ringside so that you can walk the course as soon as available will also allow you to maximise your course walk time for success. Walk and ride the course comfortably and confidently in our Competition Riding Leggings in showjumping stone.


Keep Nerves At Bay

Many professional riders have struggled with nerves at some point in their illustrious careers, but being prepared to help elevate some of those pre-competition butterflies can help you overcome them. For example, learning your dressage test in advance will give you something less to worry about. Also, allowing extra journey time will ensure that if you get stuck in some traffic on the way to your competition, you still have additional time to get ready, warm up and compete. Choose our fast-wicking, four-way stretch competition clothing range for clothing that won't let you down for extra confidence!


Show Up & Show Off!

If you love to show your horse, wearing the correct attire will be vital to catching the judge's eye! Wearing a smart shirt, tweed jacket and competition riding tights will ensure you look the part, but it's also about having the right attitude when you step in the ring. Top show riders and producers like Katie Jerram always say that judges look for the combination that enters the ring with that 'look at me' aura. Practice at home so your show performance is foot perfect, and step into the show ring with that wow factor!


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