Rider Competition Wear - What You Need To Know

Are you planning some dressage, riding club events, British Eventing, showing, show-jumping or endurance this year? Then you can read our tips and advice on choosing your perfect equestrian attire!

Comfort First 

Whatever level of competition you compete within, choosing comfort in your rider competition wear will make the difference between focusing on enjoying the day with your horse or that tight waistband that feels like cutting you in half!  

Wearing tight-fitting and uncomfortable clothing for extended periods will make your day out miserable. Choose clothing that is the correct size and reference the brand's size guide to help you choose a comfortable horse riding outfit that you will love and make you feel great! Once you've chosen your competition jacket, you will be looking for competition shirts and legwear.

Competition Riding Leggings

Our range of competition shirts is perfect for dressage riders and show jumpers. Our Competition Equestrian Base Layer Show Shirt is a popular choice, styled in a fast-dry, moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you comfortable in the saddle, whether you are at a British Dressage competition or British Riding Club event - we love it so much, we even wear it for everyday wear in our training sessions!

You'll love our new Hybrid Riding Leggings if you love white breeches. These fantastic riding tights are a cross between your favourite pair of riding tights and classic breeches but with all the comfort and style! Our riding tights are designed to complement your body shape, and because they come in a range of colours, including competition white and beige, you can look the part, whatever your chosen discipline. An alternative to canary yellow breeches for showing is our Winter Thermal Hunter Beige Riding Leggings which look great in the show ring teamed with tweed competition jackets.

Our machine washable Competition Full Seat Riding Leggings / Tights in white are also loved by competitive riders. Like all our riding tights, they feature extra deep phone pockets on both legs, a generous wide waistband and are fast-drying and hard-wearing.


British Riding Clubs now allow you to compete in dark-coloured breeches so you can look stunning and feel confident in our Navy Horse Riding Tights / Leggings with pockets or Black Riding Leggings / Tights with Phone Pockets.


Competition Prep

Whether you are planning to go cross-country or show off in the showing, planning your competition wardrobe will ensure that you are prepared for hot weather, wet weather and any weather! Pack according to the weather forecast but remember to bring a change of clothes in the lorry to keep you comfortable, warm and dry.


If you last competed some time ago, do a dress rehearsal to check everything still fits comfortably and is clean and ready for your big day out. If you are planning on wearing an air jacket, check it fits comfortably over any new competition jackets.


Competition Day – what do I have to consider?

Whether you're competing unaffiliated or affiliated, make sure you check the association or organiser's rules. Rules relating to rider wear, including hat standards and body protectors, can change, so double check you have the correct clothing before entering. You don't want to be eliminated or refused entry on competition day! 


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