Our Pro Tips For Keeping Cool In The Saddle

Our Pro Tips For Keeping Cool In The Saddle

We've had record temperatures in the UK recently, so we thought we'd share some pro tips for keeping cool in the saddle, so you're prepared!

Ice Idea To Keep Cool In The Saddle

Stash a bottle of water in the freezer and take it to the yard with you - by the time you've groomed and tacked up your horse, you can enjoy a nice cold drink before, during and after your ride! Another excellent tip for keeping cool post riding is once you've iced your horses' legs with their ice boots - if they're still cold, try holding them on the pulse point on your wrist, neck, chest, or temples to help cool you down. These areas release the most heat from your body. It is also where the veins sit closest to the skin's surface, so it will give you an instant refresh.

Pressing the ice boots cool against the back of your neck where the brainstem runs through your neck will give you a cooling sensation across your entire body because the brain senses and regulates body temperature; an easy, quick cooling tip!

Wear Breathable Riding Clothing

Choose breathable riding clothing to keep you cool. Our cotton blend EQC TEAM Polo Shirt Short Sleeve is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe and looks just as good teamed with jeans as it does with our riding tights, AND it's currently in our sale!

Our short sleeve base layers are always a great shout for summer riding thanks to their technical fast-drying and moisture-wicking properties. Our  Short Sleeve Equestrian Technical Base Layer in Spring Blue is the perfect summer shade and bargain price in our sale!

Don't forget your hands can become sweaty riding in the summer, but our Ventigrip Horse Riding Gloves are perfect for air-con on the move with their mesh panel detailing. 

Choose your riding tights with care - looking for thin fabrics won't give you the support you need, and they won't stand the test of time or regular wear. Riders love wearing our riding leggings all year round, even during the hottest weather, because they are designed for comfort in the saddle. Our riding tights feature carefully placed seams and a supportive wide comfort waistband. Our riding leggings offer total freedom of movement in and out of the saddle with their technical stretch fabric. 

For those warm but rainy days, our Hack A Mac is a super lightweight waterproof jacket with a cool mesh lining that comes in its own zip waist bag for summer hacking that is showerproof! And now in our summer sale!

Stay Hydrated & Be A Smart Rider

The more water you drink, the easier your body finds it to self-regulate your body temperature, so during hot weather, make sure you stay hydrated. Keeping hydrated also helps enhance your concentration and focus. Avoid fizzy sugary drinks, excessive tea and coffee (all of which can dehydrate you further) and reach for the H20! 

Early Riser

During the hot weather, riding in the early hours of the day will mean you both stay calm, and it's a great way to start the day and get ahead of your chores before you start work. Between 4 am and 7 am is the coolest art of the day, so be an early riser and stay cool! 

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