5 Things To Look For In Winter Riding Coats

5 Things To Look For In Winter Riding Coats

Choosing a warm winter riding coat or winter riding jacket can be difficult with so many coats on the market. In this blog, we share five things you should look for when considering a horse riding coat for winter.

 Long Or Short Winter Riding Coat?

Looking for a quality winter jacket that is ready for the cold weather will be a priority for most equestrians. Long winter riding coats are great for full coverage in the saddle, whilst short riding jackets offer versatility when paired with your technical base layers and riding leggings. Some riders prefer to wear a short coat to wear an extra layer or two underneath. Other riders prefer to ride in a long coat because they can wear fewer layers on their bottom half.

What To Consider In A Winter Jacket

When looking for outer layers, you must decide what your priority is: warmth, waterproof, showerproof or water resistant. This is important to consider if you are looking for outer layers to ride in during all weather conditions. Our puffer jacket designs are water resistant, and our EQC Team Jacket is styled in a soft shell fabric with showerproof properties and a warm fleece lining. 


What Makes A Winter Jacket Suitable For Riding?

As a stylish equestrian, you want to look for those details which make the coat comfortable and fit for riding. Look for details that make the coat suitable for riding in. Longer-style riding coats should allow you to move in the saddle. Our Long Puffer Coat has side zips that you can unzip to allow freedom of movement when sat in the saddle. Inner chest pocket for stashing your treats and a removable and adjustable hood to give you the flexibility of fit. Our Exclusive Short Puffer Jacket is the perfect women's winter riding jacket. This jacket is insulated with eco-friendly fill and features a flattering chevron quilt, two-way zip, Eqcouture metal wear and deep, cosy double pockets with popper closures.


Colourful Or Classic Winter Riding Coat?

If you're looking for a multipurpose riding jacket, consider looking at winter riding jackets that come in a stylish colourway. Choosing a coat or riding jacket in a fashionable colour will enable you to wear it from the yard to the city with confidence. Our Exclusive Long Puffer Coat in Olive Green is a perfect example of how you look on trend even during bad weather! However, if you prefer classic Navy or timeless black, we also have an outer jacket for you!


Warm Winter Riding Coat Details

Our range of winter riding clothes is designed to keep you toasty, and our warm winter riding coats are no exception! It's not just a cosy warm winter riding jacket you want to look for. Our coats feature a secure internal pocket with pocket zips, making them ideal for valuables. Our coats also feature elasticated cuffs to keep you warm on the move. Our Puffer coat is a gorgeous quilted coat design that will keep your body warm this winter. As riders, we know what it is like to be an equestrian during the winter, so we always look to give you maximum warmth without compromising style!


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